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Friday, March 25, 2005

Protect Life

This is my first Blog. I hope you listen to what a teen has to say.

As a student at a catholic high school, morality is part of our curriculum. Recently, we had to research the subject of abortion. When I went on the Internet that night for information, the facts were astonishing. As I learned more about abortion, I knew I must work to protect the lives of the unborn. I am now in my school’s pro-life club and have gone to various abortion centers to let women know of the alternatives available.
Here are some of the many facts that I learned while researching and some thoughts from my own experiences. Many pro-abortion arguments focus on the question “When does life begin?” However, even medical textbooks agree that life begins at conception. Human life can be described by three criteria: alive, human, and individual. After conception the “group of cells” is certainly alive because they are growing and dividing (the definition of having life). In as soon as three weeks, the baby has a heartbeat. This “alive group of cells” is also human. The cells have 46 chromosomes and all the genetic information that an adult would have. The unborn baby is not just an extension of the mother, but can have a different sex, eye color, and even blood type. Although the connection between the mother and baby is very strong, they are two distinct individual beings, uniquely made in the image of God. This unique individual’s talents, gifts, and traits will never be found again. This may seem obvious, but to many, when life begins is a vague, gray area. Yet, a baby is a baby, whether inside the womb or not. This unborn baby is an alive human being; therefore the termination of this person through abortion must be murder.
At some beaches there is a $20,000 fine for disturbing sea turtle eggs. Yet, the killing of a human in this same developmental stage is called a “safe, legal medical procedure” that is “no more troubling than getting a tooth pulled”. Scott Peterson was found guilty of murder for killing his unborn son. But when a mother does the same thing, it is a “woman’s choice.” The land of the free and the home of the brave cannot stand back and tolerate the total obliteration of all of the rights of more than 45 million human beings. Now, many well-intentioned people will say that abortion is OK for the special cases of rape, incest, retardation of the baby, and the health of the mother. Although these situations are very difficult, do they justify ending an innocent life? The answer is no. Nothing can justify ending the life of a human made in God’s image. Think of the choice that God would want you to make.
Abortion is not an easy decision. I have personally seen the anguish on the faces of women as they walk past me on the sidewalk of the abortion clinic. However, I have also seen the pride and joy on a single-mother’s face when she plays with her infant son at the “Mommy and Me” house, a place where women can go to be supported as they raise their child. These women chose life. They knew that they could never turn back the clock and start over. Even if a woman thinks she cannot possibly take care of her baby, adoption is always an option. Pro-abortion groups suggest it is easier (or better) to have an abortion than to undergo the “trauma” of giving your baby up for adoption to a family that will love them. With abortion, the woman will be haunted forever knowing she killed her own child. With adoption, the woman will remember giving life and might even be a part of her baby’s future. Which is really more traumatizing? What choice would you make?
Jane Roe (Norma McCorvey) of Roe vs. Wade is now totally pro-life. It may be a clue that something is seriously wrong when the greatest champion of your cause deserts you. I think that our society sees the trouble that abortion causes, but rationalizes that it must not be that bad because after all it is still legal. Slavery was also legal in our country at one time. Fortunately, we were able to end slavery. Perhaps sometime in the future, we will realize that there are better “choices” for women than abortion.

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