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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

California Proposition 73

Earlier today, the California State Assembly Committee on Health had a hearing on Proposition 73. I was unable to attend, of course, because of school, so I sent the next best thing: my mom.

Proposition 73, according to the hearing agenda, "amends the California Constitution to bar abortion... on an unemancipated minor until 48 hours after a physician notifies a minor's parent or legal guardian, except in a medical emergency or with a parental waiver. Proposition 73 permits a judicial waiver of this notice based on clear and convincing evidence of a minor's maturity or best interests... Proposition 73 requires minors to consent to an abortion inless she is mentally incapable or in medical emergency. Finally the measure permits a minor to seek assistance from the juvenile court if anyone attempts to coerce her into having an abortion."

Opponents to Prop 73 say that minors should tell their parents themselves, but "the government cannot make teens talk to their parents." Hello, are they missing something or what? The teens do not have to talk to their parents; the physicians send a note. A minor detail, but still, you would think that the opponents would strive to be correct in their criticism.

34 states in the US require either parental notification or consent in a minor's decision to have an abortion. In California, I have to have parental consent, not just notification, if I want to go on a field trip. But if I want to kill my child, it's totally fine.

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