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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Comments on Life in Prison

SactoDan has written a post on a New York Times article about life in prison. Because I have very strong pro-life beliefs, I do not think that we should use the death penalty as punishment. To me, this just doing the same thing that the crimminal did. I do not, however, think that prison life should be at all comfortable. They deserve to pay for what they did, but they do not deserve one of us to become murderers for it.

Here is an interesting except from the post: "It takes either a very violent crime, or numerous less violent crimes to get life in prison. Most career criminals have high ratios of crimes they were never caught for, compared to those in which they received a conviction. That means there are potentially a lot of victims for each one of these repeat offender lifers. If it is in California under the Three Strikes law, the person will probably die in prison. That's what they deserve.I am sick of hearing about the slice of pizza theft that counted as a third strike and sent a guy away for life. He got sent away for life for all the cumulative crimes he committed on his way to stealing the slice of pizza, and anyone who thinks he should still be out is saying someone else has to die or be seriously injured, should the next guy with a slice of pizza not hand it over so willingly.Who is volunteering to be that victim? Not me."

My thoughts exactly.

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