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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Photos of Dead Iraqis Exchanged for Porn Access

I really don't want to just reiterate what other people have already said, so if you haven't heard this story before, click here before you read further.

OK, my school's political club is having this as the main topic in our meeting tomorrow, which was not my decision. I really don't think that we will have much to discuss. The people that took the pictures and wrote the comments are obviously sick individuals, did wrong, and will be punished when found. I do, however, have some things to say about this.

1. People are already blaming Bush for it (surprise!). But did Bush take the pictures? Did Bush tell people to take the pictures? Is Bush in anyway related with the porn site?

2. Just because some soldiers have done this does not mean that all or even the majority of them are like that.

3. One of the bad things about this is that if we don't feel like viewing the porn site ourselves, we have to rely on other people who have viewed it for our information. I myself like to be able to research and see what I am talking about, but in this case, I can't.

4. I think that it is important to know how the Iraqis were killed and who they were killed by. Although the news organizations don't come out and say it, their articles make it seem like the soldiers were the ones that killed them. But, for all we know, it might have been a roadside bomb.

Most of the blogs writing about this so far have been liberal, and mostly writing to Bush-bash.
Any other (conservative or liberal) comments? Please let me know if I have stated anything incorrectly.

(This post is linked to World Opinion Roundup and Majikthise.)

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