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Friday, October 07, 2005


Since a lot of things have been happening on my blog and in general this week, I have decided to just write about it all in one post.

1. Stand up and Speak Out has some new features such as the side menu, (which took forever to manipulate to work in my blog!)

2. My blog used to be a "large mammal" on the TTLB ecosystem, but since I knew I was getting a lot less visitors and links than some of the people below me, I knew something was wrong. Apparently, I was right. The next day I was a "rodent" and then a "marsupial".

3. However, things are looking up because now I have been accepted as a member of the Alliance of Free bloggers. They are pretty funny, even if I don't agree with everything that everyone says in the Alliance. (For those in Sacramento, they kind of remind me of Armstrong and Getty.)

4. I recently went to a college fair and I am considering Stanford as my first choice. I have visited Stanford and I thought that the campus and the atmosphere was awesome. Any other opinions on Stanford and colleges in general?

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