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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Condoleezza Rice's Views on Abortion

Because there have been many predictions about Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice running for President in 2008, (although Dr. Rice herself has said it is unlikely) I thought that it would be good to see how she stands on the issues.

Although I am not just concerned with one issue, abortion is important to me, as it is a life-or-death issue. In the past, there has been little light shed on Dr. Rice's views on abortion. However, in a March interview with the Washington Times (see transcript), she spells it out more clearly.

"I believe if you go back to 2000, when I helped the president in the campaign, I said that I was, in effect, kind of Libertarian on this issue, and meaning by that that I have been concerned about a government role in this issue. I'm a strong proponent of parental choice, of parental notification. I'm a strong proponent of a ban on late-term abortion. These are all things that I think unite people and I think that that's where we should be. I've called myself at times mildly pro-choice.

I'm very comfortable with the president's view that we have to respect and need to have a culture that respects life. This should be an issue pretty infrequently because we ought to have a culture that says that, "Who wants to have an abortion? Who wants to see a daughter or a friend or, you know, a sibling go through something like that?" And so I believe the president has been in exactly the right place about this, which is, we have to respect the culture of life and we have to try and bring people to have respect for it and make this as rare a circumstance as possible. "

While I am not exactly ecstatic about this, I think it is a better position than most politicians have. Condoleezza Rice rightly notes that having a culture of life should not be an issue, and that abortion is not a thing that women should at any time desire to have. However, I think that Dr. Rice misses what abortion truly is. If abortion was just a poor choice for women, then I would totally agree. But besides harming women, abortion ends a human life. This is something that any reasonable person should be able to recognize through simple logic. The unborn have 46 chromosomes, a trait distinctly unique to humans, so the unborn are human. The unborn are growing and developing, so they are alive. The unborn are also unique individuals whose eye and hair color is already determined and who may even have a different blood type than the mother. In conclusion, the unborn are alive, unique humans and therefore are human beings, just as anyone of us are, and worthy of our protection. (For more, you can read my post Protect Life.)

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