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Friday, December 09, 2005

Chinese Police Fatally Shoot Protestors

"BEIJING - Armed with guns and shields, hundreds of riot police sealed off a southern Chinese village after fatally shooting as many as 10 demonstrators and were searching for the protest organizers, villagers said Friday.

It was the deadliest known use of force by security forces against Chinese civilians since the killings around Tiananmen Square in 1989, and marked an escalation in the social protests that have convulsed the Chinese countryside.

During the demonstration Tuesday in Dongzhou, a village in southern Guangdong province, thousands of people gathered to protest the amount of money offered by the government as compensation for land to be used to construct a wind power plant.

Police fired into the crowd and killed a handful of people, mostly men, villagers reached by telephone said Friday. Accounts of the death toll ranged from two and 10, with many missing.


A 14-year-old girl said a local official visited the village on Friday and called the shootings "a misunderstanding."

"He said (he) hoped it wouldn't become a big issue," the girl said over the telephone. "This is not a misunderstanding. I am afraid. I haven't been to school in days."

She added, "Come save us.""

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Also, there have been reports of the villagers attacking the police "with gasoline bombs and explosive charges" from the San Francisco Chronicle.

In my opinion, there are many things that haven't been explained, which isn't surprising in a Communist country. However, no matter what happened, there should be no reason for so many riots (the Chinese government estimates at the number at 70,000 just for last year). If a government and country are truly working for the people, disagreements should never escalate to this level. The fact that it did get this far shows how well Communism works.

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