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Friday, January 13, 2006

Catholics for a Free Choice?

I found this on the Catholics for a Free Choice website.

Liturgy for Seeking Wisdom

Background: This liturgy will help a woman decide to bring her pregnancy to term or to have an abortion.

Centering: Play soothing instrumental music quietly in the background.

Candle Lighting: Light candle, absorb its power, pray.

Prayer: Gracious and loving Holy Wisdom, fill ______ (name of woman) with wisdom that she may see clearly the choice that she needs to make. Bless her and comfort her with your Spirit.

Visualization: Guide the woman through this visualization.

See yourself walking on a path through the woods. You are walking into the future. At the end of this path see yourself in ten years if you decide to bring this pregnancy to term. (Pause for three minutes and listen to yourself.)

Now begin again. (Pause fifteen seconds.) See another path through the woods. Walk along this path. At the end of this path see yourself in ten years if you do not bring this pregnancy to term. (Pause for three minutes and experience what this is like.)

After you have visualized these two pathways, find a cozy room with a comfortable chair. Sit in this chair and think about what you have seen. (Pause for as long as you like.)

Reflection: Sit and watch the candle burn, write down your thoughts in a journal and/or share your insights.

Closing: Wisdom comes when we reflect on our life and make choices based on honesty and truth. Wisdom lives within us. Listen to her. Trust her. Talk to her whenever you need to. She is your friend.

Song: "i found god in myself" from Colored Girls

i found god in myself, i found god in myself

and I loved her fiercely, i loved her fiercely,

i found god in myself.

Blow out the candle when you are finished. Invite the woman to do something comforting, for example, drink a cup of tea or take a warm shower.

What they don't seem to realize is that there is no choice between having a baby and not having a baby. The baby is already there. (A heartbeat can be detected by five weeks after the last menstrual period, which is when a woman usually notices that she is pregnant.) So what is this choice?

If they are truly for an informed choice, then why do they not suggest that women see ultrasounds or look at baby development?

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