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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Walk for Life West Coast 2006

This Saturday, my dad, my brother, and my sister attended the Walk for Life. According to several sources, there were about 15,000 people there. The San Francisco Chronicle chose to describe it this way: "Subdued Walk For Life meets boisterous pro-choice demonstrators." According to my family, it was more like "Regular pro-lifers meet wacko pro-aborts." But anyway, here are some of the pictures.

According to the Chronicle, this is a group of tourists watching the Walk. Notice the guy with the black handkerchief and drum. According to my family there was a group of these people all yelling obscenities.

A pro-abortion protester gets arrested.

I believe that this is the pro-abortion group described in the Chronicle article:

"One group wore sheets and gowns dipped in red paint to symbolize their image of back-alley abortions."
Interesting. Very interesting.

More love and tolerance from the pro-aborts.

Another interesting individual.

According to my family, there was an amazing amount of police officers keeping the peace.

(Picture is my own)

Up close and personal with some of the pro-lifers.

All in all, it was a good event, with very good turnout. It seems that a lot of the opposition had anti-Bush signs, which I thought was interesting. I mean, why would they have that there? Do they think that abortion is all Bush's fault too? But anyway, according to my family, they did not see even one "wacko" pro-lifer, but saw many questionable pro-aborts, including some of the above. Even the San Francisco Chronicle could hardly twist this one!

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